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Shortly prior to her recent appearance at the Perth Small Business Expo, Sophie Manera principal lawyer at Rothstein Lawyers was interviewed by Nifnex about her work in the field of migration and employment law. The interview is here. 

Rothstein Lawyers is one of the only firms in Perth that specialises in migration and employment law, areas that often intersect for people with working visas or employers of migrant workers.

Australian immigration laws are complex and continually changing. Many migrant workers are unsure of their employment law rights, and many employers are unsure of their rights and obligations as a sponsor. Failure to comply with Australian immigration law obligations may result in serious consequences.

If you are a migrant worker or considering travelling to Australia for business or employment, an assessment by our expert team of lawyers and registered migration agents can guide you through the process or keep you up to date with your rights and obligations.

Call Rothstein Lawyers today for expert legal advice in the areas of migration and employment law.

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