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Complex visas or not? 

Two of the most complex and competitive visas one can apply for are the Subclass 189 visa and the Subclass 491 (Family Sponsored stream) visa.

Both these visas fall under the General Skilled Migration visa scheme. Under this scheme, one must achieve a minimum score of at least 65 points on the points test table and submit an Expression of Interest (“EOI”) on the Department of Home Affairs’ (“the Department”) Skillselect website.

It is important to note that there is no direct pathway to apply for any General Skilled Migration visa without first being invited by the Department.

Although achieving 65 points is the minimum required, according to the Department’s January 2020 invitation round, applicants invited by the Department to apply for the Subclass 189 visa and the Subclass 491 (Family Sponsored stream) visa required a minimum score of 90 points. This was due to the low number of invitations issued and the high calibre of candidates.  Some occupations required an even higher score.

For those who have come to Australia as students and those with little to no work experience both abroad and in Australia, achieving a score of 90 on the points test table will be very difficult. However, all hope is not lost as other visa options may be available such as State/Territory nominated visas.

State/ Territory nominated visas- Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 (State/ Territory nominated stream)

When it comes to applying for any State/Territory nominated visa, each State/Territory have their own requirements which one needs to be aware of before lodging an EOI.

Unlike the Subclass 189 and the Subclass 491 (Family Sponsored stream) visas, EOIs are not solely ranked by points. State/ Territory governments will consider the nominated occupation, points score, ties to the State/Territory, and other factors.

What do I do?

Applying for a General Skilled Migration visa can be a daunting and stressful process if you are not aware of the requirements.

At Rothstein Lawyers we will provide you with expert migration advice. We will guide you through the visa options best suited to your circumstances.

Please contact us to arrange an initial consult to discuss your visa options.


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