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The Subclass 407-Tranining visa is a temporary visa available to be granted for up to 2 years. This visa allows you to complete workplace-based or professional development training in Australia.

The Subclass 407 visa is ideal for persons who:

  1. do not satisfy the 2 years’ work experience requirement for the Subclass 482-Temporary Skill Shortage visa; and


  1. who want to complete their occupational training in Australia to:


  • Obtain registration;
  • Enhance their skills; or
  • Obtain their overseas qualification.

There are three stages involved in obtaining a Subclass 407 visa. These include:

  1. Sponsorship stage;
  2. Nomination stage; and
  3. Visa application stage.


  1. Sponsorship

At this stage an application is made to the Department of Home Affairs (“the Department”) for approval as a “temporary activity sponsor”.

A sponsor may include:

  1. an Australian organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia;
  2. a government agency;
  3. a foreign government agency;
  4. a sporting organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia;
  5. a religious institution that is lawfully operating in Australia;
  6. a foreign organisation that is lawfully operating in Australia; or
  7. a person who is the captain or owner of a superyacht, or an organisation that operates a superyacht.
  8. Nomination

Once Sponsorship has been approved, the next step is lodging a nomination application with the Department. This stage does not apply if the Sponsor is an Australian Commonwealth Government Agency.

At this stage the nominated person (i.e. the Visa Applicant) will be nominated by the Sponsor according to the availability of their occupation on the Subclass 407 Occupation List.

A Training Plan will also need to be prepared along with providing other supporting documents to the Department.

  1. Visa Application

The last stage of the visa process is when the Visa Applicant makes an application for the Subclass 407 visa.

The Subclass 407 application process is complex. However, at Rothstein Lawyers we assist and guide the Sponsor and the Visa Applicant throughout the Subclass 407 visa application process.

We assist the Sponsor at the Sponsorship and Nomination stages of the Subclass 407 visa by guiding and advising them of the information and documents required. We work together with the Sponsor to prepare the required Training plan.

We also assist the Visa Applicant by advising and guiding them on information and documents required for their visa application.

If you are wanting further information on the Subclass 407 visa or intend to commence your training in Australia contact Rothstein Lawyers to arrange an initial consult. We are happy to guide and advise you.

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