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In September 2020, the Australian Government introduced new Labour Market Testing
(“LMT”) requirements for employer sponsored visas such as the Subclass 482-Temporary
Skill Shortage visa and the Subclass 494-Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional visa, where
International Trade Obligations do not apply.
As of 1 October 2020, in addition to the previous LMT requirements, discussed below,
employer sponsors must also advertise the nominated position on the Government’s Jobactive
website. This means a total of three advertisements must be placed.
The Jobactive advertisement must include the same information required for the other two
Information that must be included in advertisements
a) the title or a description of the position;
b) the skills or experience required for the position;
c) the qualifications required for the position;
d) the name of the approved sponsor or, if the approved sponsor has engaged a recruitment
agency for the purposes of the LMT, the name of the recruitment agency;
e) the salary for the position or salary range.
Previous LMT requirements
Prior to 1 October 2020, employer sponsors were required to advertise the nominated position
in at least two advertisements. Such advertisements could only be advertised on:
a) a recruitment website with national reach in Australia (such as Seek, Jobactive, Jora
Australia); or
b) in print media with national reach in Australia; or
c) radio with national reach in Australia; or
d) if the approved sponsor is an accredited sponsor – on the approved sponsor’s website.
Placing an advertisement on the Government’s Jobactive website was optional.
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If you are an Australian business looking to sponsor a temporary worker and require
assistance in satisfying the LMT requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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